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About FilmOn is made up of film and television professionals who have a combined experience of several hundred years in production and distribution. in house developers are based in house in London, Odessa and Geneva. The Company's combined talents and expertise provide a most potent tour de force in these exciting and diversified sectors.

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Television Solutions
We empower broadcasters and distributors to deliver their content to the TV screens of global audiences through our end-to-end suite of internet television technology and services.
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Web Solutions

We build custom interactive web and video portals that feature leading edge video player technology and an unparalleled suite of interface features to engage and monetize viewers.
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Sports Media Solutions 

From live events and event ticketing to e-commerce and content management, we provide sports and media brands an unmatched online platform to manage content and fan interaction.
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Mobile Solutions 

 Reach your audience whenever and wherever. Our technology allows you to create the highest-quality mobile application showcasing live video, highlights, play-by-play action and many more customizable features that fit your needs.
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Welcome to FilmOn -

FilmOn allows viewers to stream live TV on their computer, Ipad, Iphone and android. Deliver your content to viewers wherever they are in the world by using our end-to-end suite of internet television technology and services.


FilmOn enables viewers to watch live streams wherever an internet connection is available by using not only a PC or a Mac but an iPad, iPhone or android device.

FilmOn functionality

We provide a wide variety of services for television channels and media networks. We handle encoding and content delivery of live linear channels, on-demand video libraries, and live-streaming of events across a wide variety of consumer devices.

CNN:BattleCam challenge report

The rally that captured the world's attention - CNN's Jeanne Moos reports. Welcome to Battlecam!

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